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Da yzhaoc933 il 03/07/2015 10:36:42
Film “Jurassic World” impressions
Last Sunday, I watched “Jurassic World” with my friend. The highlight of this film lies in the special-effects, which is the only thing worth watching I think. Especially in the end, three dinosaurs’ fight is very exciting. The movie story is one of traditional American heroism movies, within has a powerful superhero (Owen), a beautiful lady (Clare), and some unstable people. In the start of the movie, I have known that the dinosaurs will ran out and slaughter. Difference is the final fight which is dinosaurs to people or between dinosaurs. I still look forward to the next film. I think that new dinosaurs will be created by the med doctor, and be used in human War by a radical officer. The doomed hero will resolve contradictions and heroine always beautiful and even running in high heels. Ha ha! If without the other tyrannosaurus, who will help people? If there are a velociraptor army, how to survive then destroy them? May be dinosaurs fight to dinosaurs is not the good choice anymore, I think control the leader(no matter human, machine or animal) is a right way. Above just is my guess. And I expect the two brothers will be the leading characters in the next film. In which, a brave elder brother and his technical younger brother will change the world. It’s all my imagine. I like science fiction movie.
Da WWANGc158 il 04/07/2015 01:06:31
RE: Film “Jurassic World” impressions
me too
Da yzhaoc933 il 04/07/2015 01:26:28
RE: RE: Film “Jurassic World” impressions
Have you seen the film?
Da CTandri1 il 10/07/2015 02:54:23
RE: Film “Jurassic World” impressions
me too... I watched Jurassic World in 4D. And it was very stressful and definitely really exciting.
Da JGOMEZMARQUEZ3 il 03/08/2015 15:18:20
RE: RE: Film “Jurassic World” impressions
I think, the best experience to watch that movie is 4D

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